Revolution Saints – Revolution Saints

Revolution Saints CoverHats off to Italian record company Frontiers. Why? Well, this record company was formed by a hardcore melodic rock fan, Serafino Peruguino back in 1996, when melodic rock and AOR was about as hot as sleeping nude on the North Pole. When no one else gave a rat’s ass about that kind of music, Serafino took a shot – and has in the long run succeed with what he set out to do – put melodic rock and AOR back on the map again. In Sweden we had a record company called MTM in the 90’s that tried the same thing, but went bankrupt in only a few years. The difference was that MTM couldn’t afford to advertise, something that Frontiers has. Where Serafino and his company got that money from God only knows, but that they have managed to recruit big acts like Journey, Whitensake, Def Leppard, Boston and Asia, bands that actually still sells records, has probably helped a great deal. Frontiers is also responsible for the runions of lots of 80’s / early 90’s bands on their label. Not all of them are Frontiers’ work, but the fact that these bands knew that there is a label like Frontiers around has made it easier for them to reunite and get their products out. So for me, who grew up and was there when all those bands formed and made it big, this record company is a God send. Some of my favourite bands are on this label, such as Winger, Y&T, Pretty Maids, Stryper, Night Ranger, Cinderella, Mr Big, Dokken, Extreme and Tesla. Add to it that bands that never really made it arena big, like Enuff Z’Nuff, Danger Danger, Crown Of Thorn, House Of Lords, Black N’ Blue and Sebastian Bach also has a home there.

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