Blackberry Smoke – Holding All the Roses

0004009103_200Southern Rock and I are not the best of friends. I really needed to open this review with that statement. Ok, so I really like old Blackfoot, but I actually prefer them when they went melodic rock with Ken Hensley (ex-Uriah Heep) in the band. But other than them, I have never ever heard a southern rock band that I dig, even though I have a soft spot for John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival. People has been on my case about Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special and Molly Hatchet, to name a few, for a long, long time, but I really can’t stand those bands at all. Never could and I guess I never will. That’s why Blackberry Smoke are something of a head scratcher for yours truly. I really shouldn’t like them – at all. But when a friend of mine more or less shoved their 2009 album Little Piece Of Dixie on a burned CD down my throat, I could do nothing but surrender, after only one spin.

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