Soto – Inside the Vertigo

Soto - Inside The VertigoAn introduction on Jeff Scott Soto should be completely unnecessary because after 30 years in the business, every hard rock or metal fan should know who this man is. But just in case you’re a rock fan who’s been living under a rock since the mid 80’s, here’s a short one any way. Jeff Scott Soto was, as a 19-year-old, picked up by Swedish guitar maestro Yngwie J Malmsteen when he was forming his own band, Rising Force, after short stints in Steeler (with Ron Keel) and Alcatrazz (with Graham Bonnet). With Yngwie, he cut two albums, the self titled and with the exception of two songs, all instrumental debut and the follow up Marching Out, both released in 1984. Jeff managed only one tour with the Swede before he got the boot. Since then, Jeff has travelled a somewhat rocky road throughout his long career. His most stable band after Yngwie has been with another Swedish constellation, former Rising Force bassist Marcel Jacob’s band Talisman where he played along side musicians like drummer Jamie Borger (Treat, Last Autumn’s Dream, Secret Service), guitarist Fredrik Åkesson (Opeth, ex Arch Enemy, Southpaw) and guitarist Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall, ex-Poodles, Great King Rat, Jekyll & Hyde, Zan Clan).

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