U.D.O. – Decadent

U.D.O. - DecadentOk, everyone knows who Udo Dirkschneider is, right? For the few who don’t, try google, because if you’re a metal head and clueless of who Udo is, you don’t deserve an explanation. No to be rude, but the guy is a god damn metal icon, for f**k’s sake!! What I can babble on about is that with his solo outfit – called U.D.O. (the dots don’t mean anything, btw…) – this album is studio effort no. 15 since his debut with Animal House in 1987. Said album was actually meant as the follow-up to Accept’s Russian Roulette (1986), all the songs were written by Accept – but Udo got the album when he parted ways with the band as Accept wanted to go in a more melodic rock direction. Other than the studio albums, he has also released five live albums, three compilation records, toured like crazy and no less than two reunions with Accept which spawned three studio albums, Objection Overruled (1993), Death Row (1994) and Predator (1996). No matter what you think about Udo as a singer and his music, you gotta hand it to the man, he’s a really productive and hard-working guy. It needs to be mentioned that Udo has also suffered from a stroke some years back, but that never held him back.

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