Impera – Empire of Sin

Impera - Empire of Sin

I recently wrote a review of a Swedish AOR-band called Last Autumn’s Dream and in that review I wrote that they held the record on this site for most reviewed albums. So far, I have reviewed four Last Autumn’s Dream albums, but there is one band that is breathing down their necks when it comes to releasing records in a really fast pace, another Swedish act called Impera. This Swedish all-star four-piece is on their third release since their debut album Legacy Of Life came out in 2012. Consisting of band leader and band name giver J.K. Impera (drums), lead singer Matti Alfonzetti (Red White & Blues, Skintrade), guitarist Tommy Denander (who has done session work with Toto, Robin Beck, House Of Lords among others) and bass player Mats Vassfjord (Laney’s Legion, Grand Design, Scaar), they have too been releasing records faster than you can say release date. Their second album Pieces Of Eden came out only a year later and was a damn impressing piece of music considering the fact that all the members are all busy guys. Had this album been released just one month earlier, this would have been the band’s third album in as many years which is an impressing speed in a day and age when bands usually takes years and years in between albums. Just like L.A.D., Impera hasn’t exactly been touring their asses off since their debut, only two gigs (correct me if I’m wrong here…) has been played and Impera must be seen as a project more than a band for now. However, their brand of groovy melodic hard rock is perfect for the stage and the gig I witnessed (Väsby Rock, 2013) sure made me wish that they would consider this band their main priority.

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