Battle Beast – Unholy Savior

Battle Beast - Unholy SaviorBattle Beast. Look at the name, read it, say it, taste it. Then ask yourself if it’s possible to come up with a worse name than that. My first acquaintance with this band came a couple of years ago when I saw a couple of videos by the band on YouTube. I wasn’t impressed. Apparently, Battle Beast is a power metal band, go figure when you consider the band’s name. If there’s one genre where you can find the most stupid band names, it’s in power metal. Like Powerwolf. Hey, I just found a name worse than Battle Beast. From what I have heard of their early material, power metal is a correct label for this band. I don’t like power metal. Battle Beast hails from Helsinki, Finland and has existed since 2008, but it would take them until 2011 to release their debut album Steel and their self titled follow-up came out in 2013. You might have guessed by now that I wasn’t the least interested in the fact that Battle Beast were about to release a new album. Add to the fact that they had released a single / lyric video prior to the album release called “Touch In The Night” that has caused quite a stir. Why? Well, because Battle Beast decided on broaden their horizons a bit and release something really unexpected. “Touch In The Night” is not a metal song. It’s not a hard rock song. Hell, it’s not even a rock song. No, that song pays tribute to mid 80’s synth based pop. Think Sabrina or Samantha Fox. Think Stock, Aitken & Waterman. Yes, you have read right. Do I need to point out that the song sucks hard? I can totally embrace that artists wants to do something different and if you really dig it, then more power to you.

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