Last Autumn’s Dream – Level Eleven

0003666801.200Last Autumn’s Dream holds the record as the band with the most reviewed albums here on this site, this being the fourth album I review by the band. The reason for this is, of course, that Last Autumn’s Dream releases one album every year which is mostly uncommon these days. Back in the 60’s and 70’s it wasn’t uncommon that bands and artists could release two albums a year and tour them as well. Back then an album could be recorded in the same amount of time it takes for a band to install the software for the pro-tools in their computers today. On the other hand, we get a better sounding product today and the fans actually gets to long for their favourite band to release something new. Back in the 80’s, if you took three years between albums it was called a come back, today no one raises an eyebrow if an artist take six years between releases. That’s why the one year gap between Last Autumn’s Dream’s albums is an eyebrow raiser, especially when you think of the fact that the quality of their music hasn’t suffered at all. Not yet anyway. The reason for this is, of course, that Last Autumn’s Dream is more a project than an actual band. This is a studio project that doesn’t tour or even play live at all. With no touring, the members can concentrate on writing songs and they have usually started the song writing for their next release already when they release their new product. That gives the members time to write songs and work on their other projects and bands at the same time.

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