Lynch Mob – Sun Red Sun

CD15769George Lynch, originally the guitar player for Dokken, is a man that apparently likes to have lots of irons in his fire. Not only has he started up his own Lynch Mob gang once again, but he also recently released albums with T&N (Slave To The Empire from 2012, that also features Jeff Pilson (bass) and Mick Brown (drums) from Dokken) and KXM (with Dug Pinnick of King’s X and Ray Luzier from Korn), he will also soon release the debut album from Sweet & Lynch, a band he started with Michael Sweet of Stryper and also contains James Lomenzo on bass (White Lion, Pride And Glory, Megadeth) and Brian Tichy on drums (S.U.N., Whitesnake; Pride And Glory). In the past we also find that he has released no less than 12 solo albums (however three of those are live albums and two of them are E.P.s) of which 1993’s Sacred Groove is the most famous one, and one really underrated album with Lynch / Pilson called Wicked Underground in 2003 and the underwhelming project Souls Of We (Let The Truth Be Known, 2008) with Brides Of Destruction singer London LeGrand. But is with Dokken and Lynch Mob George is mostly famous for and there are still plenty of us that keeps our fingers crossed for a full-scale Dokken reunion. I doubt that will ever happen, though. George Lynch has always been a brilliant musician and I still get goosebumps by listening to some of his work. However, time has shown that George has a thing for following trends and together with Tommy Lee he has to be the most bandwagon jumping musician of the 80’s. When Dokken released their second reunion album Shadowlife (1997), it was ruined by Kelly Gray’s grunge production and almost all the songs pointed in that direction. Don Dokken apologised and said he would pay back the money to disappointed fans himself. The blame fell on George who left the band shortly after. Judging by the look of George around that time, it wasn’t a wild guess that he was the one behind the musical change. But more so, when you listen through Lynch Mob’s past, you’ll find bandwagon jumping like never before.

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