Nickelback – No Fixed Address

Nickelback - No fixed AddressOut of all the Nickelback haters out there, I wonder how many of them has actually listened to them. I mean, really listened. See, Nickelback is one hard rock band you should hate. If you want cred, that is. Rock people can be very pretentious that way. Especially rockers who are into heavy and extreme music. Like death metal. Sometimes I get the feeling that it’s how hard the music is that matters, not if the music is any good. When the subject of Nickelback comes up, most people vomits verbally all over them without even blinking. It’s so accepted that everybody should hate that band that most people don’t even think about it – they just hate them by default. Of course, not everybody are like that, but I can admit here that I used to be like that once upon a time. When they had their huge hit “How You Remind Me” from their third album Silver Side Up (2001), I hated that song so much (I still can’t stand that song) that they became my number one object of hate. A friend of mine more or less forced that album on me (burned a copy) and I did try to listen to it, but said hit had ruined it for me. Since then, Nickelback were my enemy and I would dismiss them as soon as I could. All that was changed by producer Mutt Lange (Def Leppard, Foreigner, Bryan Adams, AC/DC) back in 2008. Lange had taken time out from producing hard rock when he married singer Shania Twain and only produced and wrote for her. So when a legend like Mutt Lange decides to make a come back to rock and Nickelback were his band of choice, how could I not check that out? A raving review in Classic Rock Magazine made me listen with an open mind and the album, Dark Horse, floored me completely. Was this the band that I had spent so much time hating? Stupid, stupid me! I went back to earlier albums like The Long Road (2003) and All The Right Reasons (2005) and gave them a go and lo and behold, I dug them. Like really dug them. I was now a fan and for the first time I looked forward to a Nickelback release when I got the news that Nickelback were about to release a follow up.

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