AC/DC – Rock or Bust

AC:DC - Rock Or BustThe last year or so has been about everything but the music when it comes to AC/DC. Nothing they have chosen themselves, but things has gone pretty sour for the band lately. First the news of original rhythm guitarist and songwriter Malcolm Young’s wavering health reached us. At first the band and their management refused to go into detail when it came to Malcolm Young’s health issues, so I just figured that he had another set back when it comes to his reported alcoholism. Remember that he was replaced by brother Stevie Young on the Blow Up Your Video tour in 1988 due to his alcohol problems. To make matters worse, drummer Phil Rudd was creating headlines when he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and for the attempt murder of two people. The latter charges has been dropped, but the drug charge is still in court. It’s not the first time Rudd has been arrested for drug possession. Back in 2010 his tour plans were threatened because of a possession of cannabis charge, but the case was later dropped. In all this mess AC/DC dropped the news that they were returning to the scene with a new album and that Malcolm Young would be part of it. It turned out, however, that he both was and wasn’t part of the album. The Young family dropped the bomb that Malcolm was suffering from dementia and that his state was pretty bad. Goodbye to ever playing with AC/DC again, then. Still, all the songs on this album were composed by Malcolm and Angus but Malcolm doesn’t play a note on it. Back in the band – now as a full-time member – is Stevie Young. Phil Rudd, however, did play on the album and his intentions are to tour with the band. Still, Rudd wasn’t present when the band shot the video for first single “Play Ball”. The drums in the video was played by one Bob Richards and don’t be surprised if Rudd is done with AC/DC when the tour starts.

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