Electric Boys – Funk-o-Metal Carpet Ride Anniversary Concert, Debaser Medis, Stockholm, 2014-12-20

Electric Boys litenTo play a whole album in its entirety is not a new thing, it’s been done by almost every somewhat big band on earth by now. Hell, Dream Theater even played other band’s albums in their entirety (The Number Of The Beast, Master Of Puppets). But the thing is, I have never been to such a show ever. The reason is mostly because the opportunity has never risen for me, but also because I think that the idea to do so is pretty overrated. I mean, one thing I like about live shows is the moment of surprise, that you don’t know exactly which songs the artist will play and in which order. To play your whole album back to back takes away that moment. Also, there are usually good reasons for some songs to never be played live. On the other hand, bands like Kiss and Mötley Crüe plays it safe tour after tour, playing the same old set list again and again, when they have so much cool stuff to choose from, also knowing that their hardcore fan base would die to hear some of their more obscure stuff live. Plain laziness, is what I call that. But when it comes to the Electric Boys and their debut album Funk-o-Metal Carpet Ride (1989), a whole different story appeared in my mind. I became a Electric Boys fan when I first heard their debut single “All Lips n’ Hips” back in 1988, when they still were just a duo, consisting of only lead guitarist and vocalist Conny Bloom (then Blomqvist) and bass player Andy Christell. The version of Funk-o-Metal Carpet Ride played this night is the European version and not the international one where Bob Rock produced five new tracks. Which suits me just fine. Nothing wrong with the second version at all, quite the contrary, but the first one has a more sentimental value to me and besides, there are quite a few songs on that album that they never play live anymore and my guess is that this night will be the only time they do so. Anyways, to go and see Electric Boys live is a real no-brainer as there are few bands who can kick butt when it comes to get a hot groove live and any Electric Boys gig should not be missed by any rocker out there.

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