Lordi – Scare Force One

Lordi - Scare Force OneThey just won’t give up, these Finnish monsters: There is one Lordi pre Eurovision Song Contest and one Lordi after. Well, it’s the same band, but the way people view them has changed since that fatal (?) day back in May 2006. Ok, so I exaggerated a bit there, but the fact is, before they won that contest, they did have some credibility. I remember both reading about them and watching a few videos by them before that contest and at first I thought they were something like a Finnish version of Gwar, which visually they kind of are, but musically not. I liked the few songs I heard and their very melodic hard rock had more in common with 80’s melodic hard rock than Gwar’s heavy / power / death metal. But when they won the Eurovision Song Contest – and they won by far – they went from being that weird, obscure, mysterious monster band with the catchy hooks to be a daycare center fest. The whole world suddenly knew about Lordi and every 6-year old had found their new favourite band, something that doesn’t go down well in the heavy metal community. Most of the rockers don’t want to be associated with any kindergarten band, especially when they dress up like monsters. Too juvenile for most folks, it appeared. So when Lordi got their big break, they also signed their death sentence because since then they have been only that band – the little kids’ band. Eight years have gone since they won the contest and the 6-year olds are now 14 and they don’t listen to Lordi anymore. Well, at least most them don’t. So who are Lordi’s fans in 2014 then? I have no clue, but that whole kids’ thing was unfair, the way I see it. Lordi were more than just an overnight sensation who got lucky.

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