Freak Kitchen – Cooking with Pagans

3ece46a8This is the first review of a Freak Kitchen album I have ever written, despite the fact that the band has released eight albums, including this one, since they started out in 1992. To be perfectly honest with you, I haven’t even listen to any of their albums at all. Why is that then? Well, that sure beats the hell out of me. It’s really weird because I usually check out a band when there’s at least one member that I recognize and find interesting, by default. Why this hasn’t happened with Freak Kitchen, I’m clueless of. I first heard of guitarist and lead vocalist Matthias “IA” Eklundh when he completely blew me away as a member of Danish AOR turned melodic prog rockers Fate on their come back album Scratch n’ Sniff in 1990. Back then we were a small group of dudes that completely worshipped IA’s brand of guitar playing and we were all convinced that he would be a bigger guitar God than Yngwie Malmsteen. Well, that didn’t happen, even though it really should have, but what is so weird with this is that I didn’t bother to check out Freak Kitchen when I found out that it was IA’s new band, a thing I would normally do in a minute. Ok, so I have seen the odd Freak Kitchen video or two and for some reason, those songs never stuck with me at all, even though I heard that the boys are all killer musicians. I also saw the band live at Väsby Rock in 2012 and they were really good, but I still didn’t check them out. So with the release of their 8th album, titled Cooking With Pagans, I thought I would change that.

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