Red Zone Rider – Red Zone Rider

Red Zone Rider - coverHad enough of “super groups” and projects yet? No? Well, good for you because here comes another one for you, peeps. In this case we get a classic power trio, formed by guitar player Vinnie Moore (ex-Alice Cooper, UFO), lead vocalist Kelly Keeling – who also takes care of bass duties (ex-Baton Rouge, John Norum, Blue Murder, MSG) and drummer Scot Coogan (Brides Of Destruction, Ace Frehley, Lita Ford). To even call this a super group is really exaggerated by large. Yes, super, when you think of the members’ musicianship, they’re all on top of the game when it comes to handling their instruments, but it’s not like they’re common knowledge, not even for hard rock fans. But they really should be. Vinnie Moore has to be the most well-known of the bunch after his stint in Alice Cooper’s band and as he now is a member of UFO, but Kelly Keeling and Scot Coogan really must be seen as unknowns. Keeling’s first band Baton Rouge were a really underrated melodic hard rock band that released two great albums, Shake Your Soul (1990) and Lights Out On The Playground (1991), but nothing really came out of that. His involvement with John Sykes’ Blue Murder was only a one song on one album thing (Nothin’ But Trouble, 1993) and his two records with Europe guitar player John Norum (Another Destination, 1995 and Worlds Away, 1996) never really went anywhere. The same thing happened with MSG – the two records, The Unforgiven, 1999 and Tales Of Rock ‘n’ Roll (2006) didn’t exactly ship multiple platinum.

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