Audrey Horne – Pure Heavy

coverI think that Audrey Horne is one of the coolest band names ever. For all of us who grew up on Twin Peaks, the name sure rings a bell and for you never saw it, Audrey Horne is one of the leading characters in that TV series, played by actress Sherilynn Fenn. So when I first heard about the band, I really wanted to like them. But it took me all up to 2012 and their last album Youngblood to do that, an album I found to be really damn great. But their career started sooner than that, back in 2002 to be more precise. The band consists of a bunch of guys with their roots in the Norwegian black metal scene that wanted to broaden their horizons a bit and go for the throat with more traditional hard rock and metal. Their first albums No Hay Banda (2005) and Le Fol (2007) were more inspired and influenced by the more depressive and darker grunge movement than anything else. But with their self titled third album that came out in 2010, more hard rock and sleazier influences had snuck themselves into the music which finally took over with their last album, a move I embraced. However, it should be noted that I haven’t actually heard their first three albums at all, so what I wrote here are just second-hand information, stuff I have read and heard people say. Why haven’t I listened to them then? Well, grunge never was my scene and just couldn’t be arsed to. Maybe this is not good research, but then so be it. Maybe if I find the time and interest, I’ll give them a shot one day if someone can convince me to.

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