Rated X – Rated X

Rated XHere’s something unusual for you – a supergroup side project by a bunch of well-merited rockers that could probably be your grandpa’s. Well, I’m ironic and I’m only joking, of course, but there is some seriousness behind the joke here because there is an inflation of these projects nowadays. I sure get the reason behind it, of course. As a musician you need to have as many irons in your fire as possible if you want to make a living out of playing music, but these projects can only go on for so long before fans will have enough of them. There are only so many records you can buy each month before your money well runs dry and I guess if people have to choose between an album like this or the new AC/DC, Kiss, Iron Maiden or Judas Priest record, well, I guess this album won’t be the priority. However, I must admit that on paper, this project looks both cool and interesting. Joe Lynn Turner shouldn’t need any introduction at all, everybody already knows his career with Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force and his solo stuff. And we must not forget the two underrated albums he did together with Glenn Hughes in the mid 90’s. Drummer Carmine Appice don’t an introduction either. The guy has been around since the dawn of metal and hard rock and has been an influence on drummers since the 70’s with bands like Beck Bogert & Appice, Cactus and Vanilla Fudge and he’s also responsible for co-writing the awful Rod Stewart hit “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”, but don’t hold that against him. He has also served as a touring member for Ozzy Osbourne and been a member of John Sykes’ trio Blue Murder. He started up melodic rock glamsters King Kobra in the mid 80’s, a band that has resurrected some years ago with two pretty good albums with new singer Paul Shortino. Bass player Tony Franklin has been playing with Paul Rodgers and Jimmy Page on two albums in The Firm, been in the same Blue Murder line-up as Carmine and he did one tour with Whitesnake.

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