Grand Design – Thrill of the Night

Grand Design - Thrill Of The NightTo be honest, I wasn’t sure whether I would write a review of this album or not. The first time I heard about Grand Design was back in 2009 when they had just released their debut album Time Elevation. I took a bit of interest because I had read that the band was heavily into the melodic hard rock from the 80’s and that they had a very special relationship with Def Leppard. Not that they were Def Leppard’s best friends or anything, but the album had a reputation for paying tribute to the Sheffield bunch. I liked that album and sure enough, the Def Leppard similarities were all over their record although not even remotely as prominent as on a Def Lep clone band like the hideous Loud Lion. Still, after playing the album a bunch of times, it soon left me a bit bored and since then, I don’t think I have even listened to it even once. That’s why its follow up, 2011’s Idolizer is an album that is still unheard to these ears. I just couldn’t be bothered. A cavalier act of mine? Well, maybe so, but it’s not intentional and sometimes records just doesn’t fall under my radar. Prior to this album, this Swedish five piece released a single and a video of a song called “Baby It’s You”, that featured a vocal duet between singer Pelle Saether and Susie Päivirinta – for us Swedes known as one half of sister pop duo Lili & Susie that had some really big success in Sweden during the 80’s. Why they decided to release that song when they did is really beyond me as the song in question really wasn’t that much to write home about and now when their new album is out, the song isn’t even included.

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