Sixx A.M. – Modern Vintage

Sixx AM - Modern VintageWhen Sixx A.M. released their debut album in 2007, The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, I was completely blown away. I knew nothing about Nikki Sixx’ new band members at all and therefore I had no expectations at all. Fact is, Sixx’ other side project Brides Of Destruction had left a whole lot to be desired so this new group didn’t actually increase any expectations for me. I only knew singer James Michael by name, having seen it on the credits next to Nikki’s on the tedious Mötley Crüe album New Tattoo (2000) and a couple of Meat Loaf tracks and guitarist D.J. Ashba I knew from being a hired hand in Axl Rose’s band that he likes to call Guns N’ Roses and also from a decent band called Beautiful Creatures, but nothing that would arouse me much. Also, when Sixx A.M. started, they were merely anything more than a studio project to accompany Sixx’ book “The Heroin Diaries”. But being a Crüe-fan, I couldn’t keep my hands off of Sixx A.M., of course and boy, was I glad that I didn’t. Their debut album is a masterpiece and to this day my hairs are all standing on an end when I hear that record – fucking fantastic! Still, no one knew if that band would do anything beyond that record. They did play live just a few times, but they only existed as a studio project. But when Sixx decided to release a book of his photographs the idea of releasing another Sixx A.M. record to accompany that one as well rose. In 2011 This Is Gonna Hurt was released at the same time as the book with the same name and even though my expectations were Mount Everest high, they still managed to come up with a record just as good as the debut. No, they actually bettered that record. Even though they used programmed drums, just as on the debut, This Is Gonna Hurt felt more authentic and alive and more like a band than its predecessor. And the songs then – WOW! This Is Gonna Hurt is one of the most clear cases of a 10/10 review I have ever written.

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2 comments on “Sixx A.M. – Modern Vintage

    • Me neither, but they’re more usual than one might think. There are many albums out there that has them that we just don’t know about.
      If you listen to This Is Gonna Hurt, it’s almost impossible to hear unless you’re a drummer yourself. On this album, they have used a live drummer, though.

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