Sister Sin – Black Lotus

Sister Sin - Black LotusOn Sister Sin’s last album, the brilliant Now And Forever, there’s a song called “In It For Life” and I can say without a single doubt that that title speaks volumes for how this band view things, they really are in it for life – and then some! As a force in the metal community Sister Sin should have been credited as one of metal’s premiere bands by now because I have a hard time finding any band that works harder and keeps on releasing albums in a fast pace on regular basis. Besides, they never back down when it comes to quality. I remember listening to their debut album Switchblade Serenades (2008) (well, it was actually their second album, their debut Dance Of The Wicked (2003) wasn’t re-released until 2013) – and even though I might not became a big fan instantly, I sure took interest in the band because of the huge potential that album showed. In the beginning, Sister Sin were billed as a sleaze / glam band with a twist of metal and bands such as W.A.S.P. and Mötley Crüe were often mentioned whenever someone would try to describe the band. I never agreed on that even though those influences could be heard, in my opinion I would go the opposite way. A metal band with a glam/sleaze twist. But already by the follow up, the fantastic True Sound Of The Underground (2010), the glam and sleaze influences were more or less gone and Sister Sin shone like the true metal band they had always aimed to be. Accept and Judas Priest are influences that are more apparent (and yes, Skid Row’s Slave To The Grind (1992) has probably been on the members’ playlist a great deal). With their last album, Now And Forever, I was sure that the bands’ big breakthrough would finally come, but despite some really hard touring – and mind you, Sister Sin is one hell of a power source live – I saw no signs of that breakthrough coming their way. Who said life was fair, huh? But damn the quitters, Sister Sin were nowhere near to throw in the towel and go 9 to 5 on us.

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