Phil Rudd – Head Job

Phil Rudd - Head jobWhen it comes to making solo albums, if a singer or a guitarist makes them, then no one raises an eye brow and in this day and age, playing in multiple bands and releasing solo stuff is more or less a must if you want to make a living playing music. Unless you’re in huge band like Kiss. Or Iron Maiden. Or AC/DC. But when a bass player or a drummer takes the chance on making a solo album, it almost becomes a WOW – moment. I mean, even a guy like Steve Harris, when he released his British Lion album, people were a bit astonished by that – and he’s the main song writer in Iron Maiden. It’s even worse with drummers. Maybe it’s because drummers usually doesn’t write songs or sings – drummers are more anonymous in that department. But even with drummers, if you would pin point the most unlikely member of any band to release a solo album, AC/DC – drummer Phil Rudd would probably make the top of the list. I mean, Phil Rudd is the guy that is known for his steady beat that gives AC/DC their infectious groove and a solid foundation to build their songs upon, but other than that, they guy is pretty anonymous. I actually found myself thinking that I hardly knew how the guy looks. AC/DC are Malcolm Young and Angus Young. Then we have Bon Scott or Brian Johnson. Cliff Williams? Ok, we know how he looks, but Rudd? Nah! I literary don’t know squat about the guy. Except that he plays drums. So, when the news broke that Rudd was about to release a solo album, my first reaction was: What? Is this a joke? Who is gonna buy a solo album by Phil Rudd? Of all people! Ok, so the hardcore AC/DC fan might run out to buy this just because it’s him, but I have a big problem seeing Rudd’s solo career going any further than down to the local pub.

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