Crash Midnight – Lost in the City

Crash Midnight - Lost In The CityIn a time when you hear from everybody and their mother that the days of releasing records are gone, that the CD is dead and that you can’t have music as a living anymore – especially ageing musicians who were at the top of their game back when are really quick to pass comments like that – it really makes me happy every time I see or hear a new band that rides with notions from the record-buying ages, young kids that do want to release records and try to make a living doing so. It’s also really nice when you get an offer to review a new band’s record and of course, there’s no reason at all to not jump on the chance, hoping that the album is really great so I don’t have to bring out the chainsaw on said band. Crash Midnight are such a band. I know that most of you out there might not have heard about this band – I hadn’t either before I got the e-mail – so here’s a little introduction to the band. Crash Midnight are five young dudes from Boston – Shaun Soho (vocals), Bo (bass), Alex Donaldson (guitar) and Andrew Merkle (drums) – that likes their music raw, raunchy, wild and rough but with big hooks, catchy melodies and some great musicianship and just one look at the band, my mind wanders off to the late 80’s and bands such as Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe, but also Aerosmith comes to mind.

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