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Martin Prahl - River Ocean WideSpending time on music forums can be quite entertaining at times. If there is any place that you can (cyber) meet different (as in DIFFERENT!!!) kinds of people, it’s on forums. Also, there are times when you get a PM asking for a review. I like those PM’s. Because when it comes to checking out new music, I’m still that kid that sat in front of the telly Sundays at midnight to catch another episode of Headbanger’s Ball just to see if they played any cool videos or better yet, some new cool bands that I could lay my paws on. Today, there is no more Headbanger’s Ball and MTV doesn’t even play music, so thank God for PM’s on music forums (in this case Sweden Rock Festival’s) and e-mails from record company people and agents. When I got the PM from Martin Prahl, I recognized his name, both as one of the people from the music board, but I also had heard of him and his band Skelter Wheel (bloody awesome name!), but I had never heard a note by this guy before. So what to say about Prahl then? Well, he hails from Malmö in Southern Sweden and he has made two critically acclaimed albums prior to this, Through The Dark (2011) and Martin Prahl’s Skelter Wheel (2012) and that he and his band has been playing the Swedish club circuit quite regularly and they have also managed to go out on a successful Scandinavian tour.

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