220 Volt – Walking in Starlight

220 Volt - Walking In StarlightReunions, reunions, reunions. If hard rock and metal are more or less musically and visually trendless in the 2000’s, then I guess that the big trend of said decade is reunions. Out of all bands in the 80’s and 90’s that I liked – and didn’t like, for that matter – I guess more or less everyone has reunited in later years. At first it was more the melodic hard rock scene that reunited every band of the scene, but later also grunge bands such as Alice In Chains and Soundgarden have reunited – and made some damn fine records. Actually, most of the bands that reunites and moves forward with new records – and not only play the nostalgia circuit – are just as great, if not even better, as they were in their hey day. Next band up: Sweden’s 220 Volt, a metal band that turned first hard rock and then melodic rock in the later part of the 80’s. The band started in 1979, their first, self-titled record came out in 1983 and they made five more records before splitting up in the early 90’s, after trying hard to break the U.S. market with the Max Norman produced and oh so damn underrated 1988 album Eye To Eye. The album is a lost gem and should anyone get the chance to purchase a copy of it, then don’t hesitate because it contains some of the finest melodic hard rock 1988 had to offer. The band actually reunited the first time back in 1997 to record the album Lethal Illusion to the few who actually give rat’s ass  – remember, 1997 was a year when grunge was dying and the even more useless nu-metal was taking over and 220 Volt were never the biggest band in the world to begin with. However, the band has been out touring on and off since then with both their classic line-up of Joakim Lundholm (lead vocals), guitarist Mats Karlsson, bass player Mike Krusenberg and drummer Peter Hermansson (who played drums on John Norum’s Total Control (1987) and Talisman’s self titled debut album from 1990). Peter Olander who replaced original guitarist Thomas Drevin in 1984 hasn’t played in the band since 1992, though and Drevin has been the only guitar player beside Karlsson since 1997.

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