Crazy Lixx – Crazy Lixx

Crazy Lixx s:tI remember the first time I heard the name Crazy Lixx. It must have been in an article about The New Wave Of Swedish Glam & Sleaze or something and I thought the name was just horrible and I would never in my life become a fan of a band with a stupid name like that. The name is also perfect if you wanna paint yourself into a corner. I mean, the name just screams glam or sleaze. That was also what the band were when they started out back in 2002, formed by lead singer Danny Rexon, guitarist Vic Zino, bass player Loke Rivano (who back then used the name Luke) and drummer Joel Cirera (who went by the name Joey in the beginning). I practically missed their 2007 debut album Loud Minority because I couldn’t deal with that band name. But one day I heard two songs, “Dr Hollywood” and “Heroes Are Forever” without knowing it was them and I thought, whoa, this really good stuff. Well, my stupid name issues crumbled hard when I knew that judging a band like that was just totally erroneous and I just had to give the band a chance. I’m not gonna say that the Chris Laney produced Loud Minority is a masterpiece or even close to that, but fact is, the album really has its moments. It has some really great songs mixed with some fillers, but nothing is actually bad and showed a great promise for the future. The glam / sleaze moniker put on them was just partly true and was more glued to their name and their looks. Musically this was more melodic arena rock, the way it sounded in 1991. Vic Zino left the band to join Hardcore Superstar and was replaced by Andy Dawson, a young guitar hero to be. Their second, also Chris Laney produced, album was called New Religion and showed a band that had progressed like crazy.

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