Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – World on Fire

Slash-ft-Myles-Kennedy-The-Conspirators-World-On-FireHere’s one dude that doesn’t need any introduction. If you don’t know who Slash is then you don’t deserve to read this and you probably don’t like rock ‘n’ roll either. Fact is, his wide ranged singer Myles Kennedy really shouldn’t need any either, but ok, for all lesser educated in music, Myles Kennedy is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist in Alter Bridge. Myles swept ole Saul Hudson (Slash’s real name) off his feet when he sang on two songs, “Starlight” and “Back To Cali”, on the guitarist’s self-titled debut solo album, an album that had a different singer for every song. Slash became so impressed with the singer that he offered him the spot as the singer for the tour that was about to follow said album and the duo became a real team of allies. Bassist Todd Kerns and drummer Brent Fitz (Union, Vince Neil, Alice Cooper, Bulletboys) completed the line-up and it was this line-up that recorded the brilliant Apocalyptic Love (2012), where they got the band name The Conspirators and the line-up is still intact to this day. What I love about this line-up, apart from that they are all great musicians, is that they look like a band. A real band and not just Slash’s back-up guys. Sure, this is Slash’s thing all the way, it’s more or less a solo project, but with Slash giving Myles a lot of room and his name beside his on the album cover and the rest of the guys a band name, he seems to want to show that this is a band, a collective and not just a solo thing.

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