Nubian Rose – Mental Revolution

2014 © Savage Photography - Photo: Tallee SavageSwedish melodic rockers Nubian Rose got some pretty rave reviews when they released their debut album Mountain back in 2012, especially from England and the band did some giging around to promote it. Me, I was not that easily convinced. The big reason why I picked up the album in the first place was curiosity foremost. The band’s charismatic front woman Sofia Lilja happened to be a vocal coach that worked with the Swedish Idol participants on TV and since I had no clue that Lilja was a rock chick, I really needed to hear what she and her guitar playing and song writing hubby Christer Åkerlund had come up with. The debut album turned out to be a somewhat uneven product where some really good songs mingled with both fillers and the odd dull track and also the production also left a lot to be desired, even though the album was mixed by none other than Tobias Lindell, a guy who had created wonders for bands like Europe, H.E.A.T., Mustasch and Hardcore Superstar. And even though Lilja is one hell of a singer, the vocal coach in her shone through a bit too much, leaving me wanting a bit more rawness and fire. But the album showed potential for the future to come and there was nothing wrong with the musicians’ performance, quite the contrary. Also, the simple album cover – a close-up of Lilja’s face and the band’s name in regular letters – looked a bit low  budget. The cover really didn’t have anything to do with the album’s title either. That said, you could do a lot worse than a close-up pic of Sofia Lilja. A lot worse.  I’d sum it up as a good debut that did convey some big hope for something big the next time around.

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