Martina Edoff – Martina Edoff

Marina Edoff Album CoverIf there’s anybody out there who don’t have a clue who this woman is, don’t be ashamed, because even though she has been a part of the Swedish music circuit for the last 20 something years, it’s not like she has made platinum albums and provided a national musical impact across the globe. Fact is, as a Swede myself, I have heard her name because she used to play the part of Ann Wilson in a Heart tribute band, Heart Attack, but that is basically it. Unfortunately, I never got to see that band myself, but whenever that band is mentioned, Martina’s fabulous voice is what people choose to talk about. Hopefully, they will play live again soon because the real Heart refuses to play their 80’s hits live and I guess Heart Attack are as close as it gets to that. But she started her career as a back-up singer to Swedish pop/rap three hit wonder Dr Alban and continued to do the same with Swedish hard rocker went eurotechno artist E-Type in the early 90’s and as a result her voice is on practically every Swedish pop record from that time, as a back-up singer. Her next project was to start The Poodles with her then boyfriend (yes, THAT Poodles), playing covers by 80’s / early 90’s bands like Bon Jovi, Europe, Twisted Sister and the such. After the cover band thing she participated in the talent show Fame Factory (like an Idol light before Idol), but her career really didn’t go anywhere from there and when our calendars said 2005, Martina had become a mother and she took a time-out from the music business to make motherhood her main priority.

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