Threshold – For the Journey

Threshold - For The JourneySince the return of old vocalist Damian Wilson, the career of Threshold seem to have gotten a second run. It was no secret that their singer, the fantastic Andrew “Mac” McDermott, who replaced Wilson in the band back in 1998, had his fair share of problems, mainly alcohol problems to be precise and he did leave the band in 2008 before his alcoholism (kidney failure) took his life in 2011. A tragedy, of course and Mac is still being missed by Threshold-fans all over the world. Musically, it’s sad that such a gifted singer with such an amazing voice couldn’t keep delivering the goods because of the demon alcohol.  Albums like Hypothetical (2001), Critical Mass (2002), Subsurface (2004) and Dead Reckoning (2007) are today looked upon as Threshold classics and rightfully so. In many fans eyes, Mac is seen as the true vocalist for Threshold even though he was preceded by no less than three other singers – Wilson, Jon Jeary and Glynn Morgan. It’s also easy to see that Threshold’s life with Mac in the band had come to a halt after  2004 – the space between records had increased more and more by each album. For obvious reasons, it took Threshold some five years to finally release a new record with Wilson back behind the mike, but when March Of Progress finally arrived in 2012, it showed a band that had steeled themselves and meticulously made sure that nothing was left to coincidence. It was a brilliant record, fully as classy and mind-blowing equivalent masterpieces like Subsurface or Dead Reckoning.

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