Evergrey – Hymns for the Broken

Evergrey - Hymns For The BrokenWe recently had an election in Sweden. In fact, the election was ongoing when Evergrey did promotion for their new album Hymns For The Broken. The unbelievable and tragic fact that a more or less fascist and racist party (they were actually a Nazi party back in the 90s…) SD (SverigeDemokraterna) – which means the Swedish Democrats or something like that – became the third biggest party in the country didn’t surprise anyone, but left a lot people filled with anger and resentment and many people were willing to stop socializing with people who put their vote on said party. Quite understandable, if you ask me. One guy that was really pissed off by the result was Evergrey lead singer / guitar player / song writer Tom S Englund. When he was out promoting the band’s new album, he spoke to Sweden’s – and Scandinavia’s actually – biggest rock magazine Sweden Rock Magazine, he pointed out that people who voted for SD shouldn’t bother with buying the new album as they don’t want narrow-minded people like that within their fan-base. And I salute you for that statement, Tom. No one can accuse Englund for selling out after that comment, however I can imagine a statement like that is a record company executive’s worst nightmare. Especially when you’re not exactly a platinum selling artist to begin with. But more power to people who stand by their beliefs and are not afraid to speak their minds, no matter how uncomfortable their opinions might be. Now, I really don’t see how this would affect the sales because I have feeling that Evergrey doesn’t have that many prejudice  and insular fans, so Tom’s comment might not be that pernicious anyway. But enough about that. What I’m trying to say is that this is the way Evergrey has always rolled, they do what they do and never let anyone affect their decisions. They even took a huge (as in HUGE!) hit song, “I’m Sorry” by Swedish singer Dilba and made it an uncommercial Evergrey tune – and totally killed the original with it. When it comes to Evergrey, I have been a fan for quite a while and at the same time I wasn’t a fan at all.

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