Grand Theft Culture – Grand Theft Culture

Grand Thedt Culture - GTCI’m not a radio guy. Never was one and probably never will. But when I’m in the car with my son or anyone else that makes hard listening impossible, some rock radio station will do as background noise. One rare occasion when the radio – for some weird reason – was one while I was by myself in the car, I heard this damn catchy tune playing. The song was already in the chorus when I turned the key and started the car and I instantly reached for my phone and tried to Shazam the tune, but of course, Shazam decided not to work and the damned DJ didn’t bother to let us know the name of the band and the song. I hate it when that happens! Fast forward a few days and a friend of mine posted a song by his “new favourite band” on Facebook and lo and behold, wasn’t it said song that teased me over the radio a few days back. So why didn’t I just keep on listening to the radio until I found the track, then? Well, as I said, I don’t do radio. I do my own records. The song in question was “Down The Line” (more on that later) and the band was Grand Theft Culture. Check-out time!

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