Accept – Debaser Medis, Stockholm 2014-09-30

So, there I was at home in front of my computer and logged in to Facebook when I spotted an ad that said that German metal hearts Accept were about to play a gig in Stockholm that night. I also spotted a few friends’ comments on the fact that they were about to attend the show. Damn, I thought, I also wanted to see the band in action. However, I didn’t have a ticket and quite frankly, I have had little sleep the last few nights and I was just too tired to bother. Besides, money was tight so I though I had to sit this one out. Instead, the gym was my goal and on my there, my phone rang. It was a friend of mine saying: “Hey man, wanna go the Accept gig tonight? I’m on the list and I can bring you along”. I wasn’t gonna turn that one down no matter how tired I was, so after an hour at the gym and a shower, I met up with my company for the night for a burger and a beer before heading down to the show. When we got there, some opening act which I don’t remember the name of, was playing and to be honest, the little I heard didn’t impress me much. Some kind of thrash / speed metal was their music of choice, but I can be wrong as the sound was really bad and I couldn’t be arsed to watch them for more than a couple of songs. The reunited version of Accept – with American singer Mark Tornillo replacing iconic singer Udo Dirkschneider has just released their third album, the magnificent Blind Rage and its predecessors Blood Of The Nations (2010) and Stalingrad (2012) has proved the band as force to be reckoned with, writing high quality songs that are Accept all the way.

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