Bernie Marsden – Shine

Bernie Marsden ShineI wonder how many of the common hard rockers that goes “Who?” when Bernie Marsden’s name is mentioned – especially American ones. I wonder how many people out there knows that Bernie Marsden co-wrote one of the biggest rock hits of the 80’s. Yes, Bernie Marsden co-wrote “Here I Go Again” with David Coverdale back in 1982 and it ended up a pretty big hit in Europe when Whitesnake released their album Saints An’ Sinners. But it was when the new glammier looking version of Whitesnake re-released the song as a power ballad (it was mellow blues rocker originally) that it made number one in the Billboard Chart in America in 1987, taken from their  1987 album. Bernie Marsden was Whitesnake’s original guitar player and founded the band with Coverdale and guitarist Micky Moody back in 1978 and he left the band five years and five albums and an E.P. later. Before he co-founded Whitesnake, he was the  guitarist in UFO, Cozy Powell’s Hammer, Babe Ruth and Paice, Ashton, Lord. After leaving Whitesnake, he formed Alaska, a melodic hard rock band that released two albums, Heart Of The Storm (1984) and The Pack (1985) before they split due to low interest from rock fans and bad sales. Really unfair as the band really was worth some success to their name.The split with Coverdale was ugly and bedraggled and the pair didn’t have that much nice to say about each other.

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