Opeth – Pale Communion

Opeth - Pale CommunionExpect the unexpected. That’s an old cliché that almost every band out there says when they’re asked to describe their new album or their music in general. But there are just a few bands that you can apply that on. One of those bands is Opeth. One writer once described them as Pink Floyd meets death metal and even though there might have been some truth in that, there is so much more to Opeth than that. When they started out back in the early 90’s they were more or less a pure death metal albeit with some progressive elements. But with each album, singer/ guitarist / main songwriter Mikael Åkerfeldt let the growling be replaced with clean singing and their progressive sides has taken over more and more until they lost all the growling on their last album Heritage (2011), an album that was all progressive and with almost no metal left at all. Things like that doesn’t go unnoticed in the metal camps and this change in style has been under debate since the album was released. Was the change for better or for worse? That’s in the ear of the beholder, I guess and I can only state that for me it was neither – it was just different and the very Opeth way to go. The development to a more progressive act without growl couldn’t have come as a surprise to any fan that have followed the band from the beginning. Damnation from 2003 was a mellow and soft album that sowed the first seed to growl-less Opeth and it was the first time they had released an album without any metal or growl and it was an appreciated album, but I guess that many fans saw that album as an intermission and not a “real” Opeth album. Still, the band’s magnum opus and finest effort to date, 2008’s Watershed went in a more progressive direction than any other album, even though it contained both grown and metal. I thought that Heritage was a brilliant album that without a doubt still had Opeth recognizable sound. It might have been a little harder to get into for many, when the album finally stuck, it was yours to love for life.

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