The Trews – The Trews

The TrewsThe first time I ever heard about Canadian rockers The Trews was back in 2005 when I received a five track (I think…) album with an issue of British rock mag Classic Rock (of which I subscribe to). Now, I have this tick that tells me to listen all free records I get with my magazines, no matter what. So I thought The Trews was a really lousy name (still do), but I gave it a spin and boy was I glad I did. The free CD was outtakes from their – what I thought – was their debut album Den Of Thieves (turns out they hade recorded a previous album back in 2003 called House Of Ill Fame, which I still haven’t heard…) and that free five track CD was enough for make me purchase the actual album, which I did. I loved the album and I still listen to it a lot. It was produced by Jack Douglas of Aerosmith fame. But it was the follow up No Time For Later (2008) that I consider their magnum opus. The album is full of brilliant melodic rockers that sometimes goes total hard rock, sometimes almost AOR, but most of the time it’s somewhere in between. Now, it turns out that their name is short for trousers, if I’m not misinformed which kinda explains a thing or two, as they were known as One I’d Trouser when they started back in 1997. All of a sudden, The Trews didn’t look like such a bad name.

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