King Diamond – Gröna Lund, Stockholm – 25th July

King DiamondOld Robert Zimmerman once sang “The times they are a-changin'” and while I’m aware of that Bob Dylan has fuck O to do with the diamond king, he sure had a point. When I think about the fact that King Diamond, a well-known Satanist who plays a pretty extreme form of heavy metal, had just played Gröna Lund’s big stage makes me smile. Here King Diamond was, playing an amusement park on a summer night where the smell of popcorn, hot dogs and cotton candy lies thick, where children are riding rollercoasters and carousels, where families are strolling around. A contrast of huge, I’d say. When I think back to the days of the 70’s and 80’s, when I went to Gröna Lund for fun, there was no way in Hell someone like King Diamond would play that stage. Sure, both Kiss, Sweet and Runaways played there in the mid 70’s, but only because they were huge at the time in Sweden, but ever since The Sweet tore the place apart, heavy rock bands has been extremely rare there. In the 80’s when W.A.S.P. caused a shit storm at large in Sweden, all hard rock and heavy metal bands were considered dangerous, a guy like King Diamond had problems getting into the country without all hell breaking loose. But nowadays, King Dimond doesn’t even kick up dust and it wasn’t long ago that Slayer stood on the same stage. For people half my age, the fact that King Diamond played an amusement park might not be a big deal at all, but to me and many people my age, this is almost surreal.

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