Quireboys – Black Eyed Sons

Quireboys - Black Eyed SonsEver since the somewhat modest re-start of the band back in 2001 when they released their album This Is Rock ‘n’ Roll and Well Oiled (2004), The Quireboys have built a real stable following and fan base, even though said albums weren’t all that great. But what they did do was to show their fans that they were back and that they wouldn’t become one of those nostalgia acts, no, this was the real McCoy. I don’t want to use the title reunion here as it feels more like Spike (vocals), Guy Griffin (guitar) and Nigel Mogg (bass, left the band in 2007) started afresh as a completely new band that was using the old name. The Quireboys were extremely close to making it huge back in the day. Their debut album A Bit Of What You Fancy came out in 1990 and spawned no less that four big hit singles and for a while there, these English blokes were the talk of the town. But when the follow up was about to be recorded, the guys relocated to America to work with Bob Rock. Big mistake! The Quireboys were – and are – a typical British band and their influences are all British with bands like The Rolling Stones and The Faces up front.

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