Tesla – Simplicity

Tesla - SimplicityOne thing that gets on my tits is when the (oh, so stupid) term “hair metal” is brought up and some lesser knowing individual brings up Tesla. Sure, their debut album, Mechanical Resonance came out in 1986, when AOR-sounding bands such as Europe and Bon Jovi ruled the charts and Tesla kept on recording successful albums throughout the 80′s and into the early 90′s and that’s why they are thrown in with all the other bands that were successful around that time. I need to stress, however, that the term “hair metal” wasn’t used around that time – pop-metal or melodic hard rock were the terms – and it shouldn’t be used at all. It shouldn’t be used because there is no music called “hair metal”. Take a look at some of the bands that are placed under that moniker – Winger, Cinderella, Poison, Skid Row, Europe, Warrant, Mötley Crüe – and Tesla! Now, go on and tell me that all those bands sounds the same and I will tell you that you’re most likely to be tone-deaf. But no matter what you call the music, Tesla didn’t sound or look like any of the other bands. They never wore, big hair, spandex or make-up and their music was always pretty stripped and raw and rootsy. The hair was long, sure, but not big and they wore jeans and shirts, no glam ever. Still, when grunge (another stupid term) took over, Tesla fell on the way side just like all the other melodic hard rock bands and after the very underrated Bust A Nut in 1994, that totally bombed, Tesla broke up and the members dived into other, pretty unsuccessful projects.

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