The Northern Cowboys – North Bound

North BoundThe first thing I came to think about when I heard this CD – guilty pleasures. I mean, we all have them, right? Some people has more, some less and it doesn’t matter if you’re not ashamed of it, it’s still your guilty pleasure. I know I have some. Romantic comedies are one, country music is another. Ok, real stripped down country is something I can’t stand, but when mixed with rock or / and pop and the songs are good enough, there’s a soft spot for the stuff in my musical heart. The fact that I really don’t like country, but still do kinda make me cringe a bit, but hey, I’m all for candour so I can might as well admit it. On the other hand, there’s quite some credibility in liking Steve Earle and the sorts, so I guess the laugh might not end up on me anyway. Why I bring this subject up to the surface in this review is because country is a big ingredient in The Northern Cowboys’ music – their name might have given that away some. This four track E.P. is the first sign of life from this band – or duo might be the proper description – that came to life back in 2013 and is the brainchild of guitarist Andy Zata, who also handles bass duties here and lead singer Jake Lindholm. This is more of a side project, I take it, as Zata is also the lead gun slinger in Swedish melodic hard rockers Crazy Lixx – then by the last name Dawson which he has dropped from now on – which are on their way with their fourth album, up for release later this year. The drums are beaten by one Louisian Boltner who has joined the group permanently. Now this is just a E.P. and I have a problem with those. Four songs is just a teaser, like getting a taste of the frying oil when you’re hungry as hell and you keep looking at the steak. Well, not much to do about it but to listen, because this seems like a real interesting piece of work.

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