WAMI – Kill the King

WAMI - Kill The KingI haven’t even stopped writing the review for one supergroup when the next one appears. But I really don’t know if all these bands are correctly called supergroups because in many of the cases, the bands aren’t really bands at all, they’re merely just projects. Just like the George Lynch / dUg Pinnick / Ray Luzier project KXM, WAMI are just a bunch of musicians that got together and recorded som music, whereas other projects like The Winery Dogs or Flying Colors are real bands that actually lives and tours – and it’s not just the odd gig either, I mean real touring. WAMI is a project put together by singer Doogie White (Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rainbow, Tank), drummer Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven & Hell), bass player Marco Mendoza (Dead Daisies, Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy, Whitensake) and young Polish guitar wonder, 16- year old Iggy Gwadera. Even though you have all those classic names in the band, I get the feeling that young Iggy is this group’s main character and that this whole project is built around him and the purpose with this album is to make a name out of Gwadera. Nothing wrong with that, if that’s what this whole project is about. But no matter what the reason for any project might be, the most important thing is always to make sure you have the proper songs written  – and in this day and age, you better make sure that you have a bunch of damn good songs to go with it, if you wanna be able to sell any amount of records / downloads at all.

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