California Breed – California Breed

California Breed AlbumOn paper, Black Country Communion looked like a match made in heaven. Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham and Derek Sherinian felt like they belonged together. Sure, we heard about things being pretty turbulent from the beginning and that producer Kevin Shirley (Bonamassa, Journey, Iron Maiden, Europe) was the guy holding the pieces together and that Hughes big ego clashed with Bonamassa’s tight schedule. Black Country Communion made three albums, Black Country (2010), II (2011) and Afterglow (2012) and with each album being better than the last, it looked like Black Country Communion would have a bright future ahead. But when Joe Bonamassa made it clear that his solo career was his main priority – and he was clear about this from the beginning – things turned sour. Where Glenn Hughes’ opinion was that Black Country Communion should be everyone’s first choice, it totally clashed when Bonamassa said that it wasn’t for him and all of a sudden, Black Country Communion were no more. Personally, I’d take BCC over Joe Bonamassa’s solo stuff 24/7, but in Bonamassa’s defense, he was very clear about the whole situation from go and his solo career is a very lucrative business and it has made him and his right hand, producer Kevin Shirley very wealthy, so him chosing that couldn’t have come as a surprise for anybody.

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