Black Stone Cherry – Magic Mountain

Magic MountainToday, now that Black Stone Cherry has made it big – well, at least kind of big – it’s really nice to be able to say that I have been there with them from the start. Well, since their debut album anyway. I first made their acquaintance when a friend of mine who had seen the Edmonton, Kentucky four piece open up for Hinder in a pretty tiny place and been completely blown away, talked me into giving them a chance. I just HAD to check them out, she said. So I did. Black Stone Cherry’s self titled debut from 2006 blew me right off the map and I have been a fan ever since and I never looked back. The guys gained recognition pretty fast, at least in Europe and foremost the U.K. I remember them playing at noon at Sweden Rock Festival in 2008, the weather was hot and I was pretty sure next to no one would show up because I didn’t think they were a name by then. But the space in front of the Rock Stage was full, crowded as hell and even singer / guitarist Chris Robertson was taken aback by the size of the crowd. “I can’t believe all you people showed up to see us when you could have been sleeping through your hangover instead”, he mused. Later that year they released their second – and in my opinion, their best – album Folklore And Superstition and after that, Black Stone Cherry could do no wrong.

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