Alien – Eternity

Alien - Eternity 2014I’m curious of how many out there knows that Alien are back and running again – outside the hard rock / AOR community, that is. I’m even more curious of if there is anybody outside of Sweden who knows that there ever was a band called Alien in the first place. In Sweden we do, well at least if you were growing up in the 80’s. Back in 1988, Alien (Jim Jidhed – vocals, Tony Borg – guitar, Ken Sandin – Bass, Toby Tarrach – drums, Jimmy Wandroph – keyboards, yes, all names are very Swedish sounding…) released a cover of the old The Marbles song “Only One Woman” and got themselves an avalanche of a hit with it. That also led to that their self titled debut album sold shitloads of quantities and they had a couple of hits more in the backwater from that. They had signed with Virgin records and were about to get a world-wide launching of said album when singer Jim Jidhed decided to leave. They quickly installed new guy and brilliant singer Pete Sandberg, re-recorded the album and cut a new single for the re-recorded album, again a cover, this time “The Air That I Breathe” by The Hollies – and the whole thing just fell apart after that. When the second Alien album was released, only Sandberg and Borg remained from the old line up and the album, Shiftin’ Gear (1990) was presented as a duo.

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