Anette Olzon – Shine

Anette Olzon - ShineEverybody goes: “Who??” Well, no one’s gonna blame you for that because Miss Olzon is a rather anonymous woman. For all you “who?”‘s out there, Anette Olzon is the woman who replaced Tarja Turunen as the singer in Finnish pomp-metallers Nightwish. She sang on Nightwish’s two latest – and by far their best – albums Dark Passion Play (2007) and Imaginaerum (2011) before she got fired / left the band under not so friendly circumstances in 2012. She is now replaced by Dutch vocalist Floor Hansen , formerly of After Forever. If Anette hadn’t joined Nightwish, I doubt that I would even know who she was, let alone write this review. Before Nightwish, Anette sang in AOR / West Coast / Pop band Alyson Avenue and with them she released two albums Presence Of Mind (2000) and Omega (2004), none of which has caused any stir around the world.

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