Lacuna Coil – Broken Crown Halo

Broken Crown HaloItalian goth metallers Lacuna Coil is back at it again. I discovered the band with their breakthrough album Karamcode in 2006, like so many others and I hoped and believed that that album was the album that would take the band to the stars. That didn’t happen, but it sure gave them a name outside their immediate fan base. The only thing to do after an album like that is to knock the whole world off its feet by releasing an even better record – a real killer. Lacuna Coil released Shallow Life and even though it was their first American top 20 record, selling a fine 70 000 records over there, I thought it was too obvious that the band aimed for radio and the album lacked the rawness and aggression of their earlier efforts. Frankly, I think that “shallow” is a perfect word for that record. That said, I don’t think it’s a bad album, just… shallow. Too bad as I had hoped that the gorgeous Cristina Scabbia and her band would be a huge act after that album. Things shaped up a bit with 2012’s Dark Adrenaline (reviewed here:, but I could still feel that something was missing.

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