Gus G – I am the Fire

Gus G - I Am The FireTo be honest, I wasn’t sure whether I was gonna write a review on this album or not. Because to be frank, a solo album from this guitar shredder didn’t really interest me. Sure, there is some news value in the respect that Gus (born Kostas Karamitroudis) is Ozzy Osbourne’s guitar player and, yeah, he’s a really good one too. But the days when the double O presented a new hot guitarist that would change his whole approach with both skills and song writing are long gone. Randy Rhoads, Jake E Lee and Zakk Wylde were all players that contributed with their own style and melodies (Brad Gillis (Night Ranger) and Bernie Tormé were only temporary replacements and therefore aren’t ancillary), but ever since Zakk left, his replacements Joe Holmes and now Gus were only players hired to replicate their predecessors in style. That said, watching Ozzy live makes for great entertainment and Gus is not only a great guitarist, he’s a really good showman as well. Also, Gus own band, the Greek heavy / power metal band Firestorm aren’t really that much to write home about  – standard metal that goes in one ear and out the other. On the other hand, Gus has managed to find some real interesting guest players / singers to his first solo effort and the more I thought about it, the more interested I got.

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