Michael Sweet – I’m Not Your Suicide

v90580x6808I like Michael Sweet. Not that I know the guy – I haven’t even met him. But he gives a very likeable and sympathetic impression. As a non religious guy, I have a big problem with religious people shoving their opinions and beliefs down my throat, no matter what religion they belong to. But Michael and his pals in Stryper doesn’t do that. No, they simply write about stuff they feel strongly about and sure, they talk about it – quite a lot, to be honest – but it is without the “… or else…” thing that usually comes along with the throat shoving. Also, the sometimes prejudice and pejorative talk about minorities such as gay people isn’t anything he seems to be going along with. Many of his lyrics are also written in a way that you can interpret them in a different direction if you don’t happen to be a christian. But more than that, he just comes across like really nice guy. Also, I love Stryper and I find Michael a fantastic singer and a great songwriter and lyricist. I’m not a starstruck person and meeting celebrities has never been a big deal for me. However, there are some of them that I would like to meet someday, for different reasons and Michael is one of them. I think that it could be quite entertaining to just sit down and just chat with a guy like that. Well, well, enough of that and forward to the music. Michael Sweet has turned out to be a very productive gentleman. Not only does he write and produce more or less everything for Stryper, he has also got a solo career going on. Stryper has always released high quality records and they still do so. Their latest effort, No More Hell To Pay, is totally stunning and easily their best album ever.

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