Gotthard – Bang!

Gotthard - BANGBeing Gotthard in 2014 can’t be the easiest thing in the world. This band goes way back to the early 90’s – they released their self titled debut in 1992 to be precise – but despite good, groove hard rock songs and good musicians, they really never got their big break. It would take the band six albums and 13 years to gain mass popularity with their seventh one, Lipservice in 2005. That’s when the band was discovered by a larger crowd and the reason was, of course, that that album showed a slightly more commercial touch, but the fact is, the songs were way and way better than anything they had ever recorded before. They had also brought in outside song writers in Anders Wikström and Fredrik Thomander, both in Swedish melodic rock band Treat. Wikström and Thomander brought in some catchiness and hit friendly melodies to Gotthard’s 70’s based hard rock sound and voila! – success came their way. They teamed up for 2007’s fantastic Domino Effect and Need To Believe from 2009 as well and it looked like Gotthard were finally on their way to become a really big band. They were already the biggest thing that Switzerland had ever given the world and world domination wasn’t far away. That’s when the thing that just couldn’t happen did happen. Their charismatic lead singer and one of the band leaders Steve Lee was killed when he and some friends were biking through America when a truck ran off the road and ended his life – just when his dream was just about to come true – so sad and tragic and it kinda shows life’s irony.

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