Sebastian Bach – Give ’em Hell

Give em Hell 2014If there is just one more band that should reunite, that hasn’t already done that, it has to be Skid Row. Well, Guns N Roses really should do that as well, but never mind. The fact that Skid Row and Sebastian Bach aren’t already back together is a real mystery. When Skid Row split up there was some bad blood between the singer and the rest of the band, but that was a long time ago and since then, Baz is again on speaking terms with both Snake and Scotti Hill. Bach himself has said to be up for a reunion and neither Snake or Hill seems impossible to talk into such a thing. But bass player Rachel Bolan just won’t hear of it and as long as he can’t let go of his grudge, then no reunited Skid Row. Bach recently said that he suspects that the rest of Skid Row is allergic to money. He has a point as they would surely profit a lot from getting the band back together. The festival that wouldn’t put a reunited Skid Row up as a headliner don’ exist, believe you me. Musically as well, it seems like it’s the only reasonable thing to do. I mean, this was the band that released two classic metal albums, their self titled debut from 1989 and the superb Slave To The Grind (1991). Metal?, you ask. Yes, I say. Because Skid Row weren’t just another melodic  hard rock band, no, they  were heavily influenced not only by bands such as Kiss, but more so of Judas Priest.

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