The Patrik Jansson Band – Here We Are

Patrik Jansson Band Here We AreIsn’t it awesome when you bump into something really cool totally unexpected? I usually don’t pay that much notice to bands with names like The (insert name) Band, for reasons I’m really not that sure of, to be honest. Maybe those kind of band names are a bit too anonymous and I find them a bit boring. And it’s me who’s screaming about the whole judging a book by its cover thing… Also, the whole blues rock genre where Jansson is moving in is a genre that I feel is a bit narrow and this kind of music has a hard time sticking on me. That said, I have been totally knocked out by great bands like Badge lately so why not give this a go as well? How do onIe bump into a record like this then? And by like this, I mean a blues album by a Swedish player. Well, being the music nerd I am, I know the guy’s involved in other projects, projects quite different from this. In TPJB, Patrik plays guitar and is the lead singer, but in his day jobs, he’s the drummer and I know his name from both Laney’s Legion, a melodic hard rock band which released their debut album just now – a marvellous piece of work, I might add and with Hellsingland Underground, a pretty simple (in a good way) rock band with big southern rock influences – both in looks and in sound – with a groove that can make even a paralyzed get up and dance.

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