Winger – Better Days Comin’

Better Days Comin'What would have happened to Winger had not a Danish midget with time keeping issues thrown darts at a picture of their bass player / lead singer Kip Winger in a video for an extremely overrated ballad by an extremely overrated band? Or if Beavis & Butthead’s dorky friend Stuart hadn’t worn a Winger shirt and maybe worn a Poison shirt instead? Because stupid as it seems, it was after the dart throwing incident by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield and when Beavis & Butthead started to become popular Winger’s problems started. Winger became the punching bag of the melodic hard rock era (no, I will never use the term “hair metal” as there isn’t, has never been and will never be a genre that is called hair metal – it’s both stupid and condescending!) and for some reason the everyday rocker has decided that Winger were the cheesiest band of all times. Which, of course, is not only wrong, but also completely ridiculous. But the fact that Winger had brilliant musicians and great songs that rocked, didn’t seem to matter the least – Winger were shite and end of discussion. Which really says something about many people’s will to think for themselves. Still, I wasn’t too impressed with them when the first appeared on the scene in 1988. Sure, their debut sold millions and I quite liked the hits “Madeleine”, “Seventeen” and “Hungry” and yes I heard that Reb Beach was – and still is – a brilliant guitar player with a fine mix och feel and technique and that Rod Morgenstein – once with the Dixie Dregs that also featured Deep Purple’s Steve Morse – was an amazing drummer, but too me that album was way too uneven, an opinion I stand for to this day.

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